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Our Services

Connect Flow is your local partner. We offer end-to-end solutions for business, legal, and digital transformation. Connect Flow. Connect Flow International. connectflow. Connect Flow EU. Connect Flow nl.


Gain Market Insights

  • Define the target user groups.

  • Research user needs.

  • Understand the impact of local laws.

Digital Transformation

  • Comprehend the acceptance of technologies.

  • Explore digital solutions to maximise growth.

  • Define digital strategies.

  • Adapt business models in the digital context.

  • Consult and realise the necessary software and hardware.

Build Localised Strategies

  • Develop localised business plans.

  • Design business models.

  • Determine distribution strategies.

  • Create sales and marketing strategies.

Kickstart in China or the Netherlands

  • Advise investment structure.

  • Establish legal entities.

  • Boost sales.

  • Expand your local Guanxi network.


Connect to Local Resources

  • Identify strategic partners.

  • Conduct due diligence of local parties.

  • Exploit preferential policies.

  • Maximize support from local government.

④ Seal Cooperation

  • Steer business negotiations.

  • Protect your IPRs.

  • Draft related contracts.

Accelerate your business

  • Act as your local team.

  • Represent your interests on the board.

  • Inform you of any impactful matter.


Business + Legal +
Digital Transformation

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We are your local partner

We are not just an advisor. Together, we explore business opportunities. Your goals are ours. We can only succeed when your business takes off.

What Makes Us Unique

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We are Human-Centric

We genuinely care about who you are, what you want to achieve, what excites you, what challenges you.
Ultimately, it's about understanding your goals, your needs, your ambition, your vision to tailor-made THE solution for your success.


We are Goal-Oriented

We start with your end-goal in mind. Protect your interests, mitigate risks, manage costs, and, ultimately, 
make sure that your business sustains and grows. 


Our Knowledge Center 

Highlights of articles in our knowledge center which provide information, tips, and news regarding local laws, business and digitalization.


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